Shipping & Returns

All products offered by Toodles Dolls are legally guaranteed. We promise to replace with a new one or make the corresponding payment if any of our products suffer from a manufacturing defect within 24 hours from the delivery of the product, although the proof of the defect must be made as provided in section (*) In this case, all the costs of returning the product and shipping the new product are borne by Toodles Dolls.
Unless proven otherwise, delivery is understood to be made on the day the invoice appears or on the delivery note if it is later.
In order for the guarantee to be effective, proof of purchase must be presented within the established legal period.
The consumer must inform us of the lack of conformity of the product within 24 hours from when it is considered delivery of the product by email or by contacting our phone by providing us in the identification data section of these general conditions.
There is compliance of the products with the contract and therefore, Toodles Dolls will not be responsible for non-compliance when the products included in the website:
1. a) They conform to the description made by the seller and have the qualities of the Product that the seller has submitted.
2. b) Are suitable for the uses to which products of the same type are ordinarily destined.
3. c) They are suitable for any special use required by the consumer and user when it has been made known to the seller at the time of conclusion of the contract.
4. d) Present the usual quality and benefits of a Product of the same type that the consumer and user can reasonably expect, taking into account the nature of the Product.
* Likewise, Toodles Dolls will not respond for lack of conformity that the client knew or could not have ignored at the time of signing the contract.
The warranty does not include damage caused by negligence, bumping, use or improper handling, unsuitable tension, and use not in accordance with the instructions for use, or materials or perishable products, subject to wear and tear due to normal or consumable use.
Excluded from the warranty are those products that have been modified by the customer or by any person other than the supplier or manufacturer, those in which the warranty data of the product or proof of purchase has been modified or altered, and any other good if the customer does not have proof of purchase.