About us

IMEX LICENSING GROUP S.L is the owner company TOODLES DOLLS®, the brand created for dolls that stand out above all for having the head made of “soft vinyl” material and polyester body.

Through the design and customization of TOODLES DOLLS®, IMEX LG reinforces the bonds between people and their idols or characters that they admire, making them smile and / or feel better.

The product

The strong point of the TOOLLES DOLLS® product lies in the design and processing of the heads, which follow an extremely meticulous process.
The hair, as well as the eyebrows, eyes, lips, teeth and beard if any, are carefully painted by hand, achieving a resemblance to reality that does not leave anyone indifferent.
The body of the doll is filled with polyester and covered with a fabric of the same material.
To perfect the resemblance, the doll is dressed in the characteristic clothing of the character following the requirements of the licensor.

Our expectation is to continue increasing the Toodles Dolls® family with new characters in different fields,
either to be part of our catalog or to manufacture for third parties.